Intuitive Life Coaching

When I coach a person, I tune into you, I pick up signals and an understanding of where you are in terms of your situation. Together with clear communication and understanding, we  come up with the goal you're trying to attain. Through motivational inspiration, clear actions to take, and knowing you're supported... you make the changes you need, to attain the goals you set for yourself. It's asking the right questions, gaining the understanding, getting you to the humbled place within yourself, to draw out the powerful person you know yourself to be. It's an investment in yourself. Now what coaching is not:

  •  It's not for people who want to be told what to do 
  • It's not for a person who wants to have their hand held without accountability.
  • It's not mentoring 
  • It's not therapy or counseling

It's for the person who's willing to connect on a deeper level to do the inner work and taking the steps needed to make their lives better. Coaching can be used for any goal setting situation. 

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