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Niche Organizing incorporates personal organizing, personal assisting and life coaching services in the Los Angeles area and neighboring cities. With my personal experience growing up in a hoarding environment, customer service skills and my 

intuitive empath  gifts  I help people achieve  success in their lives by creating  order in their living and residential work environments, as well as their personal  lives.  

People I have had the pleasure of helping have been:

  • Creatives in professions as photographers, artists, musicians, designers. Creatives are passionate about thier craft and get sidetracked in their lives needing some help with organizing. 
  • Families and individuals that are going through life transitions with birth, divorce, death, aging parents. Everything in between including  helping with re-locations,  packing, unpacking.  General support to help with projects, event planning and unexpected events that require an extra hand.
  • Seniors transitioning to smaller living spaces. Re-organizing their living spaces for better accessibility and mobility, paper management
  • Clients in need of help and support with organizing due to ADD, Anxiety or Memory impairments.
  • Small business owners that really don't need a secretary but can use added support.
  • Design assisting for Interior designers.

Please feel free to contact me with questions. 


Organizing &  Assisting

creating organized lives & environments intuitively

Professional Organizing* Life Coching* Personal Assisting

Los Angeles and bordering Cities